2015 Porsche Macan: Trapped In Sand!

If you are to check out the image above, you will see the latest Porsche Macan being towed by a Dacia Duster. Apparently, the luxurious crossover was trapped in a sand dune on a local desert but thankfully for it, there was a Dacia Duster in the vicinity to pull it out of its misery.

The Macan owner was deeply embarrassed by the event as he thought that the Macan is breed to be an off-roader. However, the Macan does not have any 4×4 system intact and it is in no condition to leave the tarmac.

It only took some minutes in the desert before the Macan found itself stuck in sand and to make things worse, the luxury crossover was saved by an ultra-cheap vehicle.

Well, this should serve as a learning lesson for Macan owners. The Porsche Macan is not a 4WD car but instead, a 911 Spyder trapped in the shell of a crossover.

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