2015 Porsche Macan: It Got Sand In Its Pants

The above image shows the Porsche Macan, in a desert terrain, being towed away by a Dacia Duster. No, this isn’t an ad campaign. It is actually showing the Dacia Duster pulling the Macan out of its misery after the luxury crossover found itself stuck in the open desert.

It was revealed by the uploader that the owner was unaware of the Macan lacking 4WD prowess. The owner really believed that he can take the Macan out on an off-roading adventure.

Hence, he drove to a nearby empty desert and within minutes, the Macan found itself stuck in sand. Thankfully though, there is a Dacia Duster in the area to pull the Macan into safety. After that, the luxury car had to take the walk of shame after being saved by a cheapo 4WD car.

On the bright side of things, the Macan owner learned that the vehicle is not an off-roader but a powerful crossover on the tarmacs instead. Of course, the lad had to learn this fact the hard way.

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