2015 Porsche Macan: Caught Eating Sand!

If you are to check out the image above, you will see the ultra-luxury Porsche Macan being towed out of a sand pit by a mere Dacia Duster. Well, how did it happen?

The owner of the Macan thought that the car comes with 4WD and hence, decided to take it for a spin at a local desert. Within minutes, the Macan got its tyres glued to the sand with no way out of the situation.

Thankfully for the driver, there was a Dacia Duster in the area to save the ultra-luxury vehicle. The cheap 4WD vehicle pulled the Macan out of its misery and the latter than takes a walk of shame to the workshop.

Hopefully, the driver should now know that the Macan is never a 4WD car and it is not meant to leave the tarmacs. The Porsche Macan is actually a 911 Spyder trapped in the shell of a crossover.

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