2015 Nissan X-Trail Recalled Over Fuel Leak Worries

Nissan has publically announced a mass recall of the X-Trail in Japan that runs on direct-injected petrol engines. This is due to two suspect faults which affects fuel delivery system.

Nissan revealed that the fuel sensor that rests on the fuel rail is discovered to be loose. It does not help when the engine is constantly vibrating which could cause the sensor to lose its place, thus, leading to fuel leakage.

In total, 10,508 units of the T32 X-Trail that was manufactured in November 22 last year and February 27 this year are recalled to get the faulty parts inspected.

A fuel leak is always worrying as it puts the X-Trail at risk of bursting into inferno. Whenever a drop of petrol drips to the hot piping, it can catch fire.

Of course, the problem isn’t only with the X-Trail. Nissan also shared that the C26 Serena Hybrid and Juke 1.6 DIG-T are also suspected of facing the issue. Of course, the Japanese carmaker has already informed the owners on the recall.

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