2015 Nissan Leaf: One Last Upgrade For Old EV!

All the anticipation is on the next-gen Nissan Leaf, which is due to make its debut somewhere in Q4 this year. The future Leaf promises to offer a larger capacity battery pack and a longer travel distance. Nissan tipped it to be twice longer than the existing model.

Well, this does not mean the end of the world for the existing Leaf as they too will receive an upgrade that will bump up the travel distance. The upgrade will take place somewhere next month and it will see the current battery being replaced by a 30kWh pack.

The larger pack will offer a travelling range of 105 to 110 miles. Of course, this is not the same battery as the one that will feature in the next-gen model but it is still an upgrade nonetheless.

Unfortunately, we are unsure if the new battery pack will charge the existing Leaf owners. More details on this will come to light once Nissan is ready to launch the new battery pack.

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