2015 Nissan 370Z: Losing The Digits

The Nissan 370Z has been confirmed to get refreshed with a brand new model later this year and it is going to bear a different name. This is because the upcoming 370Z won’t exactly be running on aa 3.7L engine.

Nissan has made it known that they will be supplying the next-gen roadster with a smaller capacity engine that will improve fuel economy. Car junkies don’t have to be upset by this because Nissan has teased that the upcoming vehicle will still be able to offer so much power.

Of course, details on the sort of engine that will be powering the 370Z are still scarce at the moment but we can expect more spills in the coming months. For all we know, if the engine is a 2.5L breed, then the car will be referred to as the 250Z.


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