2015 Nissan 370Z: A New Name In Store

It has been a long while since Nissan gave the Z-roadsters some attention and now, the Japanese carmaker has confirmed that they will be producing the next-generation 370Z that is due for a release next year.

Then again, Nissan claims that the upcoming 370Z will come with a different name since the engine are about to have a smaller displacement. The company shared that new found technologies have allowed them to develop a smaller capacity engine that can perform as well as the 3.7L motor on the existing 370Z.

Of course, Nissan didn’t say anything specifics so there is no telling on the sort of engine that will be powering the roadster. Regardless, the name of the car will definitely be affected, at least, for the numeric. Nissan promised that the Z will remain intact to symbolize the model of the car.

So if it is a 2.4L turbocharged Z, then fans can expect it to be called the Nissan 240Z. Details on this are still scarce at the moment but car junkies can look forward to hearing more of it throughout next year.


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