2015 Mazda 2 4-Door Version Finally Visualized!

Just recently, Volkswagen announced that it will be producing the Golf R Estate. Mazda looks to offer something similar with the Mazda 2 and today, car junkies can get a sneak peek at how the vehicle will look like.

This is thanks to independent concept designer, Theophilus Chaplin, who has rendered a concept image of the Mazda 2 Estate. The lad simply took the Mazda 2 Concept and restructure it with a wagon body, added a new antenna and also a floating roof to accomplish this.

The overall result is a beautiful, stretched-out 4-door hatchback that is known as the Mazda 2 Estate. Furthermore, the new Kodo design language by Mazda is built to cater vehicles with a longer wheelbase so this won’t be a problem for Mazda.

If the Mazda 2 Estate gets produced, car junkies can look forward to seeing it competing with the likes of Renault Clio Estate, Skoda Fabia Combi, Seat Ibiza ST, Peugeot 207 SW and Honda Fit Shuttle.


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