2015 Jeep Wrangler Review: Doing Away With Bad Suspensions

Late last month, Jeep launched the all-new Wrangler and within a fortnight later, a special trim of the 4×4 got released. The vehicle is known as the Wrangler Sahara and it comes with its own set of specialties to offer.

We managed to get behind the wheel of the 4-door Wrangler Sahara yesterday and were amazed by the many features on the vehicle. For starters, the Sahara appears to be gentler than other Wranglers before this. The rugged traditional Wrangler design has been toned down and the interior has a much softer touch. Such characteristics will surely appeal to the general market.

In detail, the Wrangler Sahara provided us with soft and comfortable seats. There is also a satellite radio on-board and it is positioned right above the 5-speed automatic transmission. Even when driving the Sahara, comfort is not compromised thanks to the improved suspensions that are no longer stiff.

When on the road, we enjoyed a pleasant driving experience as the Wrangler Sahara cruised smoothly, even when hitting on potholes. Then again, we did find some difficulties when attempting to overtake while at high speed. The Sahara’s acceleration could have been better in our books.

Without any further delay, we took the Sahara at a nearby dirt track to bring out the monster in the vehicle. At the destination, we engaged into 4WD mode through pulling the lever and started taking on the rocky trail.

The Sahara performed superbly which is not surprising since it came from the Jeep family. The car is able to breach through every hill ascends with ease and the thrill it offered is mesmerizing. This is despite of the fact that we were travelling at an average speed of under 40mph. Nevertheless, we were satisfied by the performance of the vicious 3.6L V6 Pentastar engine that offers 305hp to play with.

There is no doubt that the Sahara is definitely an adventurous car that can only be rivalled by few in the market. The Wrangler Sahara retails at $32,000 which is quite affordable for a vehicle of its calibre.

On the downside of things, not everyone is a fan of off-roading and even if they are, it is not like every week is adventure week. Thus, this brings the question on whether the Wrangler Sahara is worth the purchase. With the fact that the vehicle is also an oil drainer, it does puts the Wrangler Sahara’s success in scrutiny.

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