2015 Jeep Wrangler Aluminium Structure In The Works?

It has been proven time and time again that a lighter vehicle will have better power optimization and fuel efficiency. This explains why most carmakers today are ensuring that their vehicles’ weight is kept at the minimum, at all times.

Jeep is no different as they wish to combat rising running cost by making their vehicles lighter than before. For the Wrangler in particular, Jeep is proposing to build it with highly-advanced aluminium to achieve this.

The next-gen Wrangler is due to arrive next year and production is already commencing for the 4×4. While this might sound interesting, many are worried that the Wrangler won’t be as sturdy as before.

Jeep made it clear they want to turn the Wrangler into a fuel saver. The car will come with a raked nose and windscreen that will improve its aerodynamics. Jeep will surely equip the Wrangler with their all-new 8-speed automatic transmission that is paired to a possible 4-cylinder diesel engine.

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