2015 Jeep Renegade: Where Are The Haters?

Prior to the Jeep Renegade’s arrival late last year, there were a lot of critics predicting that the compact SUV is going to be a flop and useless at best. Well, the critics were wrong as the Renegade managed to become one of the hottest compact SUVs today.

Aside from a gentle curvy design, which is rare from Jeep, the Renegade is also the most powerful compact SUV in the segment. This is because the Renegade is the only compact SUV with great towing capacity.

Furthermore, the Renegade is equipped with Jeep’s hallmark off-roading technology. This simply allows the vehicle to race on dirt trails with ease, something that no other compact SUV is able to offer.

The Renegade simply has so much to offer and this has allowed it to become a real force in the highly competitive compact SUV market. With already so many units of the Renegade sold, it should put the sock in the mouth of haters.

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