2015 Jeep Renegade Not Coming Due To Slow Sales

Last year, Jeep stepped into the trendy compact SUV segment through launching the all-new Renegade. The move was widely criticized by market analysts due to the overpopulated compact SUV department.

On the other hand, there are the Jeep enthusiasts that are hoping for custom tuned Renegade to get released this year. If so, then the Renegade will be like the Wrangler, which always has a special made model getting created.

Then again, this doesn’t look like happening at all. This is because the Jeep Renegade is struggling with its sales at the moment. In a recent market study, it was understood that many consumers are staying away from the Renegade due to its high running cost and impracticality.

It seems that the only appealing elements on the Renegade are with its stylish design and off-road technology. Unfortunately, not everyone is a fan of off-roading, thus, causing the Renegade’s sales to suffer further. At this rate, Jeep will surely avoid creating a variety out of the Renegade.

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