2015 Honda HRV Crossover Fit: No Love For The Rear Passengers

Honda is a carmaker that is very particular in offering consumers the best driving comforts around. Well, this is not applicable for the upcoming HRV Crossover Fit as the hatchback is sacrificing comfort for the sake of style.

In detail, Honda wishes to combine both the HR-V and the Fit into a single vehicle with the desire to make it look like a coupe. As such, the Japanese carmaker has come up with the HRV Crossover Fit. This upcoming vehicle will come with measurements that are akin to the Fit and features of the H-RV.

Also, Honda will be making the HRV Crossover Fit appear like it has only 2 doors but in reality, the car has 4 doors to offer. The company’s designing team did a super fine job in hiding the rear two door handles to achieve this.

Furthermore, the HRV Crossover Fit will look to come with a steeper roofline to give off that overall bullet appearance. While it might be stylish, the feature actually reduces the rear headroom and shoulder room. The leg room are able to maintain its measurements like the Honda Fit but this comes at the cost of a smaller cargo boot.

While no details were spared on the sort of engine coming with the HRV Crossover Fit, Honda did teased that the hatchback will be offered with a CVT transmission as a standard. There will also be a 6-speed manual being offered as an added option.

The Honda HRV Crossover Fit also weighs 2600lbs. When it arrives later this year, the hatchback is expected to retail from $16,000 and up to $21,000.

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