2015 Honda HRV Crossover Fit: Looks Can Be Deceiving

Honda has confirmed that they will be launching the next-gen HRV Crossover Fit later this year and the vehicle is said to appear like a coupe. There isn’t anything wrong with how Honda described its upcoming hatchback but many mistook it for being literally a 2-door coupe.

In reality, the HRV Crossover Fit is going to come with 4-doors but the two rear doors are designed in a way to be invisible to the naked eye. One is needed to observe the car more closely if they wish to see the rear door handles and borders.

Furthermore, the Honda HRV Crossover Fit comes with a sloping roofline to complete the exquisite coupe look. However, this also means that the rear passenger head rooms and shoulder rooms are reduced by a small percentage. On the bright side of things, the rear passenger leg room is able to maintain its measurement but this comes at the cost of a smaller cargo boot.

On another note, the Honda HRV Crossover Fit is said to weigh at only lbs. Also, the hatchback will be offered with a CVT transmission, or a 6-speed manual transmission, while retailing at $16,000. Prices are expected to be capped at $21,000.

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