2015 Honda HRV Crossover Fit: Forget Comfort, It Is All About Style

Honda is lining up a totally new vehicle for a release next year and it is revealed to be the HRV Crossover Fit. The car is basically a super-mini SUV that is part of the Honda Fit family.

In detail, the HRV Crossover Fit can be described as a small hatchback, with a muscular body and a coupe-liked cockpit. The overall design is unique and appealing but comfort will have to be sacrificed to achieve this.

It seems that the curvy body and coupe-styling will cause a loss of space inside the cabin, particularly on the rear seats area. The rear seat headroom has been reduced by 1.5” and some space cuts for the shoulder room. The rear leg room, on the other hand, will be identical to the existing Fit and this is made possible by shrinking the cargo space.

Nevertheless, the HRV Crossover Fit will definitely sell well due to its appealing looks. The car looks like a 2-door vehicle but in fact, it has 4 doors to offer. Honda did a great job in hiding the rear door handles and door lines to accomplish this.

Under the hood, the HRV Crossover Fit will come with the same set of engines that are offered with the original Fit. The engine will be paired to a CVT transmission, with an option of a 6-speed manual gearbox.

Weighing at 2600lbs, the Honda HRV Crossover Fit is certainly a lightweight and it will retail with a base price of $16,000. The price tag is capped at $21,000.


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