2015 Honda HRV Crossover Fit Adopts A Coupe Outfit

There are plenty of exciting vehicles that are coming out this year and among them is the Honda HRV Crossover Fit. This upcoming hatchback is confirmed to be a work of art after Honda unveiled its concept model at the recent LA Auto show.

At a glance, the HRV Crossover Fit looks like an average 2-door coupe hatchback but upon close observation, the vehicle actually has 4-doors to offer. Apparently, the rear 2-doors are designed to be hidden from the naked eye. Also, the door lines manage to blend with the colour well.

To complete the overall coupe package, Honda has granted the HRV Crossover Fit with a sloping roofline. The setback to this is that the rear head room are now less spacious than before. The leg room, on the other hand, maintains its measurement like the original Honda Fit. However, this was achieved through shrinking the cargo boot space.

Unfortunately, Honda has failed to share on the sort of engines that will tow the HRV Crossover Fit. Even so, the Japanese carmaker was kind enough to reveal that it the car will offered with either the CVT transmission or a 6-speed manual gearbox.

When the Honda HRV Crossover Fit gets released in the coming months, it will be retailing from $16,000. The price tag of the vehicle will be capped at $21,000.

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