2015 Honda HRV Crossover Fit: A Coupe Or Not A Coupe?

Honda is currently producing the next-generation HRV Crossover Fit but many are still clueless on whether the hatchback is a coupe, or not a coupe. Apparently it is a little bit of both as the HRV Crossover Fit sports a coupe structure but is able to come with 4-doors.

In case you’ve missed, there are still rear doors on the HRV Crossover Fit but it is made to appear invisible to the naked eye. Upon close observations however, one should be able to notice that Honda did a great job in hiding the rear door handles and door lines.

Aside from that, the HRV Crossover Fit comes with a curvy roof. It might complete the overall coupe design but unfortunately, the rear headroom has to be cut short. On the plus side of things, there is no issue with the leg room since Honda reduced the space of the cargo boot.

Honda has also confirmed that the HRV Crossover Fit will be coming with CVT transmission to help save fuel consumption. Then again, consumers can still opt for a 6-speed manual for their vehicle. Together with the fact that the hatchback weighs 2600lbs, the HRV Crossover Fit will boast plenty of power with a very minimal running cost.

Speaking of which, the HRV Crossover Fit is said to come with an opening price of $16,000. The price tag is capped at $21,000.

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