2015 Honda Fit Hybrid Sedan Launched! [PICS]

Honda concluded this year by launching the all-new Grace Hybrid sedan. The car made its debut earlier this month and it is aimed at city dwellers that are looking for an affordable vehicle which offers a low running cost.

The Grace Hybrid, or also known as the Honda City, is developed as a compact sedan that is based on the Honda Fit but the Japanese carmaker did a fine job in making the cabin roomier, much like a mid-sized sedan.

In detail, Honda revealed that the Grace Hybrid has a longer wheelbase that allows the rear seats to be more spacious than ever. Even the rear doors are made longer for passengers to enjoy better entry and exit. The company added that the hybrid powertrain is fitted under the floor so that it doesn’t compromise the interior space.

Speaking of which, the Honda Grace Hybrid is powered by a 1.5L Atkinson cycle DOHC i-VTEC engine with a 7-speed DCT transmission and paired to an electric motor that comes with an IPU and built-in lithium battery. This returns an outstanding fuel consumption rate of 34.4km/l when running in EV mode.

The Honda Grace Hybrid retails from $16,440 for the FWD variant and $18,075 for thee AWD variant. Without a doubt, the Grace Hybrid is truly affordable and also cheap to run.

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