2015 Honda Fit Hybrid Sedan Launched In Japan [PICS]

Honda has finally launched the Fit Hybrid Grace sedan and it is possibly the most fuel efficient vehicle in its segment at the moment. Also known as the Honda City, the compact sedan managed to defy logic by offering so much space in its interior.

In detail, the Grace Hybrid is confirmed to have rear seat space that is as spacious as the Honda Accord Hybid. This is made possible thanks to the long wheelbase that the Grace Hybrid is built on. Also, the hybrid powertrain is positioned under the floor, thus, not disturbing the cabin room. Furthermore, Honda enlarged the rear doors to make it easier to enter or exit the vehicle.

The Grace sedan is powered by the Sport Hybrid I-DCD one-motor hybrid system which is the combination of a 1.5L Atkinson cycle DOHC i-VTEC engine and an IPU that comes together with a built-in lithium-Ion battery. There is also a 7-speed DCT transmission that comes with an electric motor to complete the overall hybrid package.

With that being said, it is no wonder why many applauded the Honda Grace Hybrid as one of the most desirable compact sedans in the world right now. The car basically returns fuel consumption rate of 34.4km/l. This figure is based on the recent test with the JC08 model.

At the moment, the vehicle is only available in Japan but soon, it will be shipped on a global scale. The Honda Grace Hybrid has a base price of $16,440 and this is for the FWD standard model. As for the AWD version, the entry level model retails at $18,075.

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