2015 Honda Fit Hybrid Sedan Debuts [PICS]

Honda has finally launched an all-new sedan and it is called the Grace Hybrid. However, car junkies shouldn’t expect much from the vehicle as it is basically the Honda Fit that comes with an extended boot on its tail.

The Grace Hybrid is a simple compact sedan that is described by Honda to be a solution to the ever-increasing petrol price. Despite being classified in the compact category, the Grace Hybrid offers a highly spacious cabin that mimics those from the mid-size segment.

This is made possible thanks to the long wheelbase that has identical measurements with the Honda Accord. Under the hood, the Grace Hybrid is powered by a Sport Hybrid i-DCD one motor hybrid system. It is basically a combination of the 1.5-liter Atkinson cycle DOHC i-VTEC engine with a 7-speed DCT transmission with built-in electric motor and the IPU with a built-in lithium-ion battery.

The motors return a whopping 34.4km/l when both motors are working together. In addition to that, drivers can also opt for a full-electric experience.

Like most other vehicles from Honda, the Grace Hybrid too comes in multiple trim levels. On one of the trims, the compact sedan runs on 4WD system. Otherwise, it is nothing more than an FWD vehicle.

The biggest perk to getting the Honda Grace Hybrid is the price. Unlike most hybrids in the market, the Grace is the most affordable ones around. It retails from $16,440 for the FWD model and $18,075 for the 4WD model. On the downside of things, the car is currently only available in Japan.

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