2015 Honda Civic Type-R Price Tag Has Fans Nodding

2014 ended with Honda taking the spotlight after the Japanese carmaker announced the price tag of their upcoming, next-generation Civic Type-R. For those that are clueless on this, Honda announced on Twitter that the Civic Type-R will be retailing at £42,950.

The announcement became a huge debate as it divided the car enthusiast into two. On one side, they feel that the price is too costly whereas on the other side, they find the price justified.

Well, the latter is actually correct as the £42,950 price tag is just nice for the upcoming sports hatch. This is because consumers will get to enjoy a day free track pass with every purchase of the Civic Type-R. Furthermore, the vehicle is also crowned as the fastest FWD car to ever race at Nurnbergring. This seals the deal that the Civic Type-R is worth every cent.

If fans of the Civic Type-R are to remind themselves on the above, they will surely nod in agreement that the upcoming sports car deserves such a big price tag. All that is left is for Honda to launch the Civic Type-R in the coming months.

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