2015 Honda Civic Type-R Price Officially Confirmed

It is no secret that Honda is currently producing the next-generation Civic Type-R and now, consumers can get a rough idea on the price tag of the vehicle. This is after Honda UK posted a Tweet which revealed on the Civic Type-R launching price.

In detail, Honda UK shared that the sports hatch will be retailing at £42,950 and this will come with a free track day pass. This is a massive shocker to many as nobody expected the price to be that steep.

Then again, it cannot be helped as the Honda Civic Type-R is already regarded as a revolutionary in performance. Even while still being in development, the sports hatch has already stamped its name in history as the world’s fastest FWD vehicle to ever race at the Nurnbergring.

Details on the Tweet can be seen above as we managed to capture a screenshot of it. With that being said, Civic enthusiasts should start saving if they ever wish to sit in the cockpit of the upcoming Civic Type-R.

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