2015 Honda Civic Type-R Price: Is It Scare Tactics?

Honda UK became a topic of a buzz yesterday after they announced the price tag of the upcoming Honda Civic Type-R. The sports hatch is due to make its debut next year and it will be retailing at £42,950.

Some fans are already voicing out their disappointment after learning that the next-gen Civic Type-R is going to be really expensive to own.

Then again, the price tag is justified since the sports hatch is now the fastest FWD car in Nurnburgring. What is more amazing is that the record was achieved while the Civic Type-R is still in production. Furthermore, consumers will get a free track day pass with the purchase of the Civic Type-R.

The price announcement was made on Honda UK’s Twitter account but it has hence been removed. However, we manage to take a screenshot of the Tweet and fans can view it above.

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