2015 Honda Civic Type-R Price Confirmed On Tweeter!

Honda UK became the subject of a buzz yesterday after they posted the price tag of the upcoming Honda Civic Type-R on their Twitter. The company revealed that the highly anticipated hot hatch will be launched with an opening price of £42,950.

While it might be too steep for the consumers, it is also worth noting that purchasing the Honda Civic Type-R will come with a one-day track pass. The price tag of £42,950 is further justified since the Honda Civic Type-R is already crowned as the fastest vehicle to ever race on the Nurnbergring. This is amazing since the sports hatch is already creating records even when it is being developed.

On the downside of things, Honda UK has removed the Tweet hours after it was posted. It is unsure if the information was prematurely revealed but the good news is that we managed to take a screenshot of it. Car junkies can check out the image above.

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