2015 Honda Civic Type-R Price Announced: Sounds Scary

Later this year, Honda will be launching the all-new Civic Type-R and the vehicle will be retailing at £42,950 when released. This is already confirmed by Honda UK through their Twitter post that confirms the huge price tag for the vehicle.

For many, £42,950 is very steep for the Honda Civic Type-R. However, this is not to say that the price tag isn’t justified at all. For that huge fee, consumers will also be getting a free track day pass offered by Honda UK.

In addition to that, consumers will be treated to the world’s fastest FWD vehicle ever produced. For those that are unaware, the upcoming Honda Civic Type-R has already been tested at Nurnbergring and it was crowned as the fastest FWD vehicle.

Now that things are more clarified, the Honda Civic Type-R is truly not meant for everyone. The sports hatch is really costly, thus, it is expected to sell only to Honda Type-R fans worldwide.

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