2015 Honda Civic Type-R Price Announced, Fan s Goin Crazy

Honda UK became the centre of attention yesterday when they announced on the launching price of the Civic Type-R on their Twitter account. The official Honda page for the UK market shared that the upcoming sports hatch will be retailing at £42,950.

For many, this might sound too steep but it is worth considering that they will also be getting a day free track pass to unleash the full power of the next-generation Civic Type-R. More importantly, consumers will be getting a Civic Type-R that has already shattered records even when in development.

In detail, the next-gen Civic Type-R is crowned as the words fastest front-wheel drive vehicle to ever race at the legendary Nurnbergring. This record was achieved while the sports hatch is still in development, thus, justifying the bloated price tag of £42,950.

For those that have missed out on the Tweet, you can check out a screenshot of it above. The next-generation Honda Civic Type-R will be making its debut this year but little is known on when that may happen.

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