2015 Honda Civic Type-R Hefty Price Tag Is Justified

In the coming months, Honda will be launching the Civic Type-R and when it arrives, the highly anticipated sports hatch will be retailing at £42,950. This is confirmed by Honda UK when the firm Tweeted the price of the vehicle on their Twitter page.

In addition to that, buyers that purchase the Civic Type-R will \ also enjoy a day free track pass. For some, the Type-R might be too expensive to own but most fans agreed that the price is justified.

After all, the Honda Civic Type-R is already crowned as the fastest FWD vehicle to have ever raced at the Nurnbergring. The amazing part is that the Civic Type-R accomplished this title all while still being in development.

Now that the price is revealed, fans will have to start saving up if they wish to own the Honda Civic Type-R. Of course, no specific dates have been revealed on when the vehicle will be making its debut.

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