2015 Ford Mustang GT 350 Rendered Ahead Of Release


The Ford Mustang GT350 will be refreshed with a brand new model next year and it is going to be a big improvement from the existing model. Despite the release being less than a year away, Ford has yet to share a concept image for the vehicle.

On the other hand, car junkies can refer to the GT350 fan-made concept art which certainly looks dreamy. Aside from the typical sporty body kit, the GT350 has some sick sport rims. The wheels look like those from the Ford Focus RS or the Lamborghinis.

In addition to that, the GT350 has a lowered stance to gain more stability, better aerodynamics and a sporty overall look. In short, there is no better design for the Ford Mustang GT350 than the fan-made art.

Unfortunately, the above image is still an unofficial design and won’t be featuring on the GT350 at all. Perhaps Ford will spill more beans at the Detroit Auto Show next year.

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