2015 Ford Mustang GT 350 Concept Image Looks Stunning


An all-new Ford Mustang will be released next year and it will be joining the GT350 family. While the debut date might be less than a year away, information has been fairly limited for the vehicle. In fact, nobody but Ford has a clue on how the vehicle will look like.

This is why we were surprised when witnessing the Ford Mustang GT350 concept image doing the rounds on the internet. For a second, we thought that the picture (see above) was genuinely the real thing. In reality, the concept design was developed by a fan but it does look menacing.

The GT350 is painted with a sporty bodykits that promotes and overall lowered stance with some fancy wheels. The rims definitely caught our attention as it looks superb on the GT350. On another note, the rims do look like those on the Ford Focus RS, or the Lamborghinis.

Then again, it is unfortunate to learn that the Mustang GT350 appears to be nothing more than just a fan-made concept art. Let’s just hope that the final product looks a lot like the concept art.

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