2015 Ford Mustang GT 350 Boss Visualized! [PICS]

JCDesign has been the subject of a huge buzz yesterday after they launched their visualization of the upcoming Ford Mustang GT350. The rendering shows off a super-sporty Mustang GT350 and it left many car junkies dreaming about it.

At a glance, the rendering looks as if the car belongs in the highly successful racing video game franchise, Need For Speed. This is because the Mustang GT350 was painted with a vicious body-kit and a more lowered stance.

The icing on the cake is with the tyres, which are larger than before and looks a lot like those on the Lamborghinis and the Ford Focus RS. With all the variables combined, the Mustang GT350 is bound to offer a splendid performance due to its streamline body shape.

Unfortunately, the concept image of the Mustang GT350 is a fan-made product and it won’t get produced by Ford. Everything about the render is really dreamy and car junkies shouldn’t expect it to be that final product.


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