2015 Ford Mustang GT 350 According To The Fans! [PICS]

The Ford Mustang GT350 is about to get updated with a brand new model later this year but even so, fans of the sports sedan are clueless on how the upcoming vehicle is going to look like. If it is up to the fans, they would love to have the GT350 appearing like JCDesign’s visualization.

The independent concept designer has just shared his rendition of the next-gen GT350 and it does look insane. The artwork depicts the upcoming Mustang coming with a sporty body kit that is full of creases and air vents. In addition to that, the concept GT350 also appears to have an ultra-lowered stance.

For the fans, they particularly like the rims. Upon close observation, the GT350’s wheels in the concept image looks identical to those on the Ford Focus RS and also the Lamborghinis.

Of course, this is just a fan-made rendering of the Mustang GT350 and the official car won’t be coming out like it. Regardless, it left us wondering on how things will be like if Ford is to produce a super sporty Mustang GT350 like JCDesign’s concept.

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