2015 Ford F150: Suspiciously Quiet?

It is no secret that the Ford F-150 will be built with aluminium and it will be powered by the EcoBoost engines. With such a combination, the F-150 will surely be a great pickup truck that will come with the right balance of power and fuel economy.

Now, we have received more information of the F-150 but it is about how the vehicle is built. Apparently, the usage of aluminium has caused Ford to hire 500 new robots that are smaller, lighter and energy efficient. The new robots are also equipped with laser welding technology and suction cups to craft the aluminium and turn it into the F-150.

Ford revealed earlier today that it has resulted in a cleaner and noise-free production facility. It is also safer for the employees too as they can now work closer to the robots. Ford claims that the quiet facility also gave employees a peaceful working environment, thus, limiting stress and enhancing productivity.

This is surely great news for car junkies that are looking forward to the next-generation F-150. After all, a healthier group of employees will surely offer a higher quality output.


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