2015 Ford F150: Suspiciously Quiet?

This year, Ford will be launching the all-new F-150 and the pickup truck looks set to start on a new trend in the automotive industry as it is confirmed to come with a full aluminium body. The metal is favoured by Ford due to it being lighter and that can help in improving fuel efficiency and power.

Well, there are actually more perks to utilizing aluminium than what is mentioned above. In a recent interview with the Blue Oval company, Ford revealed that their production facility too benefit from the new methods of production.

In detail, Ford claims that the production facility for the F-150 is super quiet and also cleaner at the same time. This is made possible thanks to the 500 new robots that were hired by Ford to develop the pickup truck. The robots utilizes laser welding technique as well as suction cups to shape the aluminium framework of the F-150.

On a final note, Ford revealed that it is now safer for the employees as they can work in close proximity with the robots with little risk to worry about. With a healthy set of workers, the F-150 will surely be produced with quality and precision that will only benefit the consumers.


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