2015 Ford F150: Somebody Call The Cops

It is no secret that Ford is producing the next-gen F-150 and the pickup truck will be coming with aluminium instead of the usual steel. Ford is utilizing aluminium to develop the vehicle. As a result, the next-gen F-150 will be more fuel efficient and better optimized for power.

Aside from that, Ford also managed to eliminate the noise from the F-150 production. The carmaker revealed that they have purchased 500 new robots that are equipped with laser welding technologies. Furthermore, the process to create the F-150 is via suction cups methodology which works like magnets and clamps for steel transportation.

This not only makes the production facility a quiet place but also ensures better safety for the employees. Ford shared that the workers can now work closer to the robots with little risk at play. In addition to that, the production facility is also cleaner and more peaceful than ever.

Clearly, the employees are happy with the all-new working environment. What Ford has achieved is truly amazing in the automotive industry. Normally, somebody will call the police if things get noisy next door. In Ford’s case, the police will have to be on duty because it is too quiet next door.

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