2015 Ford F150 Production Not Disturbing The Neighbours

The next-generation Ford F150 is confirmed to have an aluminium structure and earlier today, we were informed on how the vehicle is produced.

In a short interview with Ford, the American carmaker shared that they bought 500 new robots that are smaller, lighter and more efficient to develop the F150. These robots are built with laser welding technologies which make it safer to work in close proximity with humans.

Ford explained that they used suctions cups to shape the F150 instead of the traditional hammering. It works exactly like how magnet and clamps does for steel transportation. The overall result is a silent and cleaner working environment.

Ford has invested billions of dollars on the F150’s production facility. Somehow, it also tells us that the vehicle is going to be a start of the aluminium era by Ford. Otherwise, the carmaker wouldn’t have spent so much on developing the F150.


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