2015 Ford F150: Peace & Serenity At Facility

Later this year, Ford will be launching the all-new F-150 and the pickup truck is expected to be revolutionary. This is because the upcoming F-150 will be the first pickup truck in history to come with a full aluminium body.

Ford revealed earlier today that the choice of aluminium will ensure that the F-150 is super fuel efficient and better optimized for power. Ford also shared that they also enjoyed the new method of production for the F-150 where things are quiet and peaceful.

The American carmaker added that they have hired the services of 500 new robots that are equipped with suction cups and laser welding to craft the F-150. This results in an entirely quiet facility and also a safer working environment for the employees.

Ford explained that workers are now able to work closer to robots with low risk of getting injured. With the noise level being kept at a minimum, the workers are happier and this can only mean well for the F-150.


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