2015 Ford F150: Noise-Free Production For Pickup Truck

It is no secret that Ford is currently producing the next-generation F-150 and the pickup truck is going to come with an aluminium body. This will ensure that the F-150 weighs like a feather, thus improving power output and also maximizing fuel economy.

The other perk to this is that the F-150 can be produced in a quiet environment, which also helps the employees enjoying the peaceful atmosphere when developing the vehicle. There is simply no longer a need for extreme welding and loud hammering.

Ford bragged about this and revealed that they used suction cup techniques to craft the aluminium. The method used works exactly like magnets and clamps when producing steel transportation.

In addition to that, the American carmaker shared that they used 500 new robots which are smaller, lighter and more efficient. These robots will weld the aluminium bits with lasers to keep noise level at the minimum.

The end result is a clean and spacious production facility, which also keeps the employees safer from any factory-related accidents. Ford concluded by sharing that the production method for the upcoming F-150 will soon be adopted for most of their future vehicles.


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