2015 Ford F150: Muted Facility Thanks To Aluminium

The Ford F-150 is about to get updated with a brand new model and the pickup truck is going to be a leading example in the automotive industry. This is because the upcoming F-150 will be fully made out of aluminium.

The different choice of metal is surely lighter than conventional metal and it will do great for Ford as the company aims to produce powerful and fuel efficient vehicles. Furthermore, the choice of aluminium changes the way vehicles are produced to.

Looking at the upcoming F-150, producing it requires Ford to purchase 500 new robots that are equipped with laser welding and suction cups technology. The robots are revealed to be energy efficient and silent in conducting their work.

This resulted in a cleaner and quieter production facility. Also, Ford claims that their employees are enjoying the peaceful working environment that is also safer than before. A healthy and happy set of workers producing the F-150 further ensures that the final product will be of high quality.

Of course, that can only be confirmed when the F-150 make its debut later this year. On the downside of things, Ford has yet to share on when they will be releasing the F-150 but car junkies can expect it to arrive in the coming months.

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