2015 Ford F-150: Pickup Trucks Are The New Luxuries

Whenever the price of a vehicle exceeds the $50,000 mark, it is automatically referred to as something luxurious, even if it is developed by an average carmaker. The list of top-ten bestselling vehicles that cost more than $50,000 is out and it came with a huge surprise.

For the first time in history, the luxury carmakers are losing their ground on the list. 6 of the 10 different brands are not luxury carmakers. Amazingly, three of the ten vehicles are pickup trucks. Who could have imagined pickup trucks to be listed alongside the luxury greats?

In detail, the latest Ford F-150 tops the charts. Out of the 751,000 of projected sales, 190,000 of them will cost more than $50,000. The F-150 is followed by the RAM Pickup that sold 76,266 units. Also, there is the Chevrolet Silverado that managed 57,010 units.

This is a shifting trend according to many analysts. Pickup trucks have always been opted for something reliable and powerful. Now, the pickup truck markets are shifting towards the higher end market.

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