2015 Ford Bronco: What’s The Status?

Speculations, rumours, leaks and industry insiders have all agreed that Ford is looking to reincarnate the Bronco with a new model and it is due to arrive next year. All that is left here is for Ford to officially make an announcement out of it.

The Bronco is considered by many as a legendary vehicle that was ruling the streets back in the 90s. Unfortunately, the pickup truck was discontinued in the second millennium due to the OJ Simpson fiasco.

Next year, however, the new Bronco will look to continue its legacy once again but it seems that the vehicle is to come with a different name. Word has it that the next-gen Bronco will be known as the Troller.

Regardless of the name, the pickup truck will be powered by a 3.5L EcoBoost engine. Furthermore, there will also be an option for a 4.5L diesel engine. Similarly, there will be two gearbox options coming and they are believed to be a 6-speed manual and a 6-speed automatic.

Of course, details on the Bronco revival are still scarce at the moment so it is best to not have high expectations for the vehicle. We have paged Ford to get a statement from them in regards to the Bronco and they have yet to give us a feedback. When we do receive word from the carmaker, we will update this page accordingly


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