2015 Ford Bronco & Troller Mix-Up Causing A Daze

Over the last couple of months, there have been many rumours suggesting that the Ford is currently producing the next-gen Ford Bronco. On the other hand, the rumours are heavily mixed up with the Ford Troller, which is another pickup truck that is already launched in South America.

Now, it seems that everything have morphed together as rumours are pointing out that the next-gen Bronco will actually be called the Ford Troller when released here in the US. The vehicle will bear all the characteristics from the last Bronco concept and the new name is designed to avoid any further controversies with the pickup truck.

After all, the Bronco, which was a highly popular vehicle in the mid-90s, was discontinued due to a national controversy. As for the upcoming Bronco, the word is that it will be developed by Ford’s SVT team and will come with all the latest car features like a 360-degrees camera.

Of course, the above is still based on rumours and it is best swallowed with a pinch of salt. With the next-gen F-150 coming out later this year, it seems unlikely for Ford to launch the next-gen Bronco in the same period.

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