2015 Ford Bronco & Troller Confusion Deepens

Late last year, Ford launched the all-new Troller to the South American automotive market and it left every pickup truck in gasp. This is because the Troller came out with tons of similarities with the old popular truck, the Ford Bronco.

The Bronco was one of the bestselling pickup trucks in history and it is well known for its reliability. The vehicle was really popular back in the mid-90s but unfortunately, a controversy led to its discontinuation by the second millennium.

With the pickup truck competition heating up today, many rumours are suggesting that Ford is considering using their trump card, which is the Bronco, to dominate the segment. This is backed up by claims that Ford’s SVT is developing the next-generation Bronco for the local US market.

However, the vehicle will be called the Troller. It will be built on the same platform that was used by the Ford Atlas and also features a 360-degreee viewing camera for easier manoeuvring when in tight spots.

Then again, there has yet to be any official details on the Ford Troller so it is best to take it with a pinch of salt. Ford might not admit that the Troller is the reincarnated Bronco but fans remain convinced by it.


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