2015 Ford Bronco SVT Raptor Speculations

The 2015/2016 Bronco is a concept that first came about 10yrs ago, a silver 2dr off road truck that I fell instantly in love with. Now all of a sudden its popping up again with sites saying because of the new f150 chassis it now makes the new Bronco possible and now it also has more engine possibilities. There will also be a 2dr and 4dr version.

Now with all that said, how are so many different sites coming up with this info. Ford has said nothing about it other than that they plan on producing 15-16 new vehicles in the US and something like 22 total world wide. Is the new Bronco included? Yet it does seem more feasible now and with the Wrangler still selling like hotcakes even though quality is still low it makes me wonder.

Others believe it is not possible due to the focus on fuel efficiency that Ford is embarking on. They soccer-mom’d the Escape and Explorer, and ditched the v8 option from the only BOF SUV they have left. I don’t see this fitting in their current product strategy.

An option I’ve always thought of though, was what if they made “Bronco” a trim, not a whole model. So you could have an Expedition SVT Bronco, like there’s the f150 SVT Raptor. But there’s some problems with this. Number one, the Expy’ is pretty large. Much too large to be considered a natural Wrangler competitor, unless you’re only talking about the 4-door Unlimited. And two, the Expy’ has independent front and rear suspension. On a new Bronco, I’d say log axles front and rear are ideal, or at least a live rear axle. Maybe they could borrow from the f150, but who knows?

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