2015 Ford Bronco: Renamed For The Future

The arrival of the Ford T4 Troller in South America created a huge buzz in the automotive industry. This is because the vehicle features many characteristics that were once seen on the legendary Ford Bronco.

Now, the rumours are suggesting that the Troller is being re-developed to be compatible for a US release. The word is that the car will be worked by Ford’s Special Vehicle Team. The SVT is well-known for handling special vehicles and this further suggest that the Troller is indeed the reincarnated Bronco. Otherwise, the Troller will just be regarded as an average pickup truck.

If the rumours are true, then the Troller is the next-generation Bronco. It does not need Ford’s confirmation to prove this point. When the Troller arrives, it will come completed with Ford’s latest technologies like 360-degrees camera to assist drivers when in tight situations and parking.

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