2015 Ford Bronco: No Wait, It’s A Troller

Back in Q4 last year, Ford launched the T4 Troller in the South American market but it caught the eye of American consumers. This is because the Troller looks a lot like the old Ford Bronco, which was highly popular back in the mid-90s.

Now, word has it that the Ford Troller is currently being produced for the local American market. The pickup truck will be developed by Ford’s Special Vehicle Team and it will come with tons of characteristics that once existed with the Bronco.

Despite being called the Troller, car junkies believe that the vehicle is actually the Bronco but renamed to start on something fresh. After all, the Bronco was discontinued due to some controversies and it will look bad on Ford if the carmaker is to call the Troller as the Bronco.

The Ford Troller is tipped to be making its debut this year and when it arrives, it will come with the latest EcoBoost engine and also a 360-degree feature to ease parking and manoeuvring around tight spots.


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