2015 Dodge Viper: The Most Affordable Sports Car Today?

Dodge announced yesterday that sales of the latest Viper have exceeded expectations and they are pleased by it. This cannot be helped as the Dodge Viper has got $15,000 slashed off its initial price tag. In addition to that, consumers are also treated to an extra 5hp with the all-new Viper.

The perks with the Viper didn’t end there. Dodge is so generous that they have decided to offer more goodies as standards for the Viper TA 2.0 Special Edition and the Viper GTS.

In detail, the TA retails at $101,995 but it still comes with high performance Aero Package that includes front lower dive planes, front splitter, competition rear spoiler, dual-mode suspension, 2-piece Brembos rotors and 5-mode electronic stability control.

As for the GTS, the trim retails at $107,995 and it features Laguna leather seats, Alcantra headliner, 18-speakers from Harman Kardon and Ceramic Blue paintjob.

With so much treat coming with the discounted Viper, it is no wonder why many are flocking to the nearest Dodge showroom to purchase the sports car. The Viper is by far the cheapest sports car in its segment while also being the most powerful. There is no wrong in owning the Dodge Viper.

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