2015 Chevy Colorado: Why Is It The Best Pickup Truck?

A couple of months ago, Chevrolet launched the next-generation Colorado and there is no doubt that the vehicle is the best pickup truck in history. The all-new Colorado offers a perfect balance in power, economy, reliability, durability and style.

In figures, the Colorado is able to offer a fuel consumption rate that is 3 to 5-mpg better than every other mid-sized pickup truck. This is the ultimate pull factor for the Chevrolet Colorado as many consumers are looking for a reliable vehicle with cheap running cost. It gets more appealing with the Colorado as the vehicle retails from the $20,000, thus, making it affordable to own.

The demand for the Colorado is never receding and it is causing Chevrolet a headache as they look to hire more men to aid in the vehicle’s production. Chevrolet has made it clear that their top priority is to ensure adequate supply so that consumers don’t have to wait long to get their hands on the Colorado.

The icing on the cake with the Colorado is with the fact that it is fully customizable. Consumers can actually tailor the Colorado to fit their needs via the online generator that is on Chevrolet’s website. Regardless of the build, the Colorado comes with a bolder stance and a more muscular body.

With that being said, it simply seals the deal that the Chevrolet Colorado is truly the best pickup truck around. Of course, things will start to get more interesting when Toyota launched the next-gen Hilux and when Ford releases the next-gen F-150 in the coming months.

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