2015 Chevy Colorado: Timing Is Everything

Late last year was the perfect time for a carmaker to launch a new-generation of mid-sized pickup trucks and it was Chevrolet which did just that. The American carmaker seized the opportunity through launching the all-new Colorado and has been bathing in gold ever since.

The success of the Chevrolet Colorado was so huge that it ended up as the bestselling vehicle here in the US. This cannot be helped as the timing of the launch was spot on.

In detail, it has been a decade since a new pickup truck was launched and the fate of the market was in gloom due to the creation of crossovers. With no real competition in the segment, Chevrolet braved the odds and launched a superb pickup truck in the name of the Colorado.

The Chevrolet Colorado came out with a brand new styling and a bolder body stance. Furthermore, the mid-sized pickup truck is fully customizable through an online configurator and also 3-5mpg more fuel efficient than other trucks in the segment.

Certainly, this is enough to seal the fate of the Colorado as the fastest selling pickup truck in history. Then again, it is still too early to name the Colorado as the best pickup truck since there are no real competitors around yet.

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