2015 Chevy Colorado: Success Owed To Perfect Timing

Everybody here in the US knows about the latest Chevrolet Colorado the moment it made its debut late last year. This is because the Colorado is the first new pickup truck to arrive in the last decade or so.

The Colorado came out with an exquisite design, enhanced performance and also great fuel efficiency. In detail, the pickup truck is rated to return 3-5mpg more gas mileage than any other pickup truck that belongs in the same segment.

In addition to that, the stylish Colorado comes in many forms and variants, and they can be further customized via the online generator. This means that consumers can tailor the Colorado to meet their needs before purchasing them.

However, the success of the Colorado is mostly owed to the timing of its release. At the time of launch, there aren’t any other mid-sized pickup trucks that are new in the market. The segment is considered to be dead due to the availability of crossovers but the Colorado revived it.

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