2015 Chevy Colorado Review: Not So Cheap After All

If you are looking to purchase the latest Chevrolet Colorado, then you should be aware that the pickup truck is actually not cheap to own. The award-winning vehicle might be great and powerful but it is no way affordable.

Yes, the Colorado is offered with a small entry price of $20,995. However, that is for the 2-door, small bedding basic entry-level model. To get a decent Colorado, one needs to fork out a lot more money than expected.

For example, the 4WD SLE Crew Long Box Colorado retails at $35,235. This is a huge jump from the basic price tag of $20,995. The Colorado is offered with the online generator and consumers need to be careful as every addition has its price. Even the small upgrades cost more than what is being offered from vehicle OEMs.

With that being said, it is wise to stay away from the Colorado unless consumers are financially fit or wouldn’t mind the basic entry level model. After all, the $35,235 fee can be spent on something more sophisticated and better like the upcoming Ford F-150 or next-generation Toyota Hilux.

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